Third Time Charm

Welcome to my resurrected blog. This will be the launch of the third iteration of this blog, which I first began several years ago. That version was launched on a hosting company that deleted all the content when hard times kept me from paying the bill.

Once I made my way to better days, I tried to restore as much of that blog as I could on a cloud-based server that didn’t seem to provide usable performance. The home page took forever to load. I kept trying to diagnose the issue and get that version usable but never was able to put in the time to work it out.

But I’m glad to say that I’m now using Amazon Lightsail to provide a virtual private server to host WordPress and my blog. So this is the third time I’ve tried to stand this blog up. Hopefully it will be the charm.

Some of my previous posts were born originally as notes in my Facebook page. At the very least, I can repost those items to give this new edition of The Heretic Script some content at the start.

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