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The Bullshit of Political Correctness

I was watching Chris Hayes on MSNBC talk about the town hall he held with Bernie Sanders in a Wisconsin county that Obama carried twice but which went for Trump. One of the questions posed of the audience during the town hall was about political correctness. Hayes asked, “How many of you think political correctness is about how you have to watch what you say about certain groups of people?” Hands went up all over the hall.

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The Myth of the Self-Fulfilled Life

There’s something I’ve been discussing with people at different times and under different circumstances. Most recently, this has come up in the context of my recent relationship. Since I’ve long accepted that my opinions on a lot of topics make me something of a heretic, I’ll wade into this water and stir some ripples.

Humanity is at a turning point in which many of what used to be dominant beliefs are coming under challenge for the illusions that they are, causing them to fall away in order to reveal a more nuanced and textured narrative for how the world works and how we each work within it.

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